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Camps: Our notorious camps have been the foundation of our success. We have been working and directing camps for over 20 years. We are the industry leader in organizing large groups to be productive and enjoy learning the game of basketball.

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Elite Training: We train from beginners all the way to the pros. NBA, college stars, elite high/middle school players, you name it, we have trained them all. There is no limit to where we can take your game. Our training options consists of Private, Semi Private, or Group Training, all of which are part of the formula to help you improve.

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Consulting: Coaching clinics, coaching teams, assisting in team practices, league development, camp organization and camp directing are just a few ways that you can get the JSH experience.

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J Smith International (JSI): J Smith International is a one of kind basketball organization that focuses on continuing to improve players overall game while creating opportunities to play at the college level. Our organization has a 16U and 17U teams that will participate in the Adidas Uprising Gauntlet Circuit. Why play with JSI? Tired of AAU teams not practicing and just gathering guys together to play tournaments? We want a team that practices together and builds a bond to compete at the highest level. With our experiences we understand that a player has a tremendous amount more of growth at this age/level. We want to provide a platform for players to continue to improve while getting exposure. No matter how good you are, the ceiling is much higher than where you are in high school.

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Our story is one of a kind and we want to share it. The game of basketball has taken us to over 20 different countries and given us experiences/life lessons that have shaped who we are. We were not the most talented nor the most recruited, but we found a way to succeed in the game of basketball. We have spoken to several schools, organizations, and businesses.